Forklift Refresher Training Courses

Forklift Refresher Training should occur annually, and following an incident or near miss.
(Safe Work NSW).

All businesses that employ a forklift operator have a legal responsibility to ensure that these people are suitably licensed and receive on going refresher training. The easiest and best way for a business to comply with this training requirement is to schedule an annual forklift refresher session with one of our experienced trainers. Our trainer comes to your workplace to run this course and it only takes a few hours.

Your staff will truly enjoy being a part of this training. They will learn about the current licensing system and current workplace protocols that should be followed. Each of your staff members will complete a practical exercise and receive guidance and tuition. By the completion of the session your staff will complete a theory questionnaire to check their critical knowledge and a full practical exercise including pre-start checks. All of this training is completed in a relaxed environment that supports adult learning best. Our trainers all share a strong desire to help people and are excellent at training people with low Language, literacy or numeracy skills (LL&N).

This course should be viewed as an investment and not as an expense. Staff will be better employees after they have completed this training. At the completion businesses will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of the assessment tasks to be stored in your staff files as a record of competence.

Refresher Courses can be conducted for the following equipment:

  • Counterbalanced Forklift (LF licence)
  • Reach Truck (LF licence)
  • Order Picking Forklift (LO licence)

“I use Australian Forklift Training for assessing my workers in their skills in driving forklifts. They do this twice a year so we ensure our drivers are always up to date with the latest changes”
Stromquist – Ikea

Course Costs
Standard pricing (+GST):
1 – 3 students = $495* (+GST) per class
4 – 6 students = $695* (+GST) per class

* Prices based on weekday course during AFT business hours in Sydney metro area. After hours and Saturday courses attract a surcharge of $250 (+GST) per course.

Course Duration
Courses run for:
3hrs for groups of 1 – 3 students
4hrs for groups of 4 – 6 students

*It is not recommended to have any more than 6 students per class. Extra charge does apply for larger groups.

Operator Safety Checks/ Reporting Machine Faults
Students are taken through either your company’s safety check list or one provided by us. The procedures for reporting accidents and machine damage is explained and tested.

General Operating Procedures
General driving procedures regarding the safe use of equipment and their attachments are discussed and tested. Any changes to recent laws and regulations that affect operators are included.

Theory Test / WorkCover Standards for Operator Competence
Students are taken through the current theory test. All questions are explained, and all answers are discussed and tested.

WorkCover Infringements
Students are given the list of things that they can incur personal fines for as operators.

Bad Operating Habits/ Previous Accidents Discussed
All of the most common bad operating habits are discussed at length as well as the consequences of

Practical Driving Test/ WorkCover Standard for Operator Competence Explained & Tested For Both Counter Balanced & Reach Forklifts
Students are shown the level of competence required to meet industry standards at which they arerequired to operate. This level of competence is demonstrated, and each student is individually tested on their equipment

Battery Handling, Maintenance & Charging/ Demonstration & Practical Test
Students are shown the procedures for safe battery handling and charging and will have the dangers explained to them. A demonstration will be given, and each student will be tested on their ability to handle and charge a battery.