Great forklift training… Fast

Great forklift training… Fast.

The forklift licence course is 50% theory and 50% practical training. We like to make life easy. So rather than forcing you to sit through a full theory training day in a classroom. We have developed our own on-line theory course that you complete in your spare time anywhere you like. On-line you will watch a series of training videos and then complete quizzes to check your understanding. (Simple and effective).

After this you will attend practical training in one of our centres. This practical training is offered to you in varying durations to suit your prior forklift operating experience. This can be from as little as ½ a day (Fast) up to multiple days. The point is you will receive the amount of training time that you require.

Once you are safe and confident our licence assessors are on hand daily to formally assess your knowledge and skills and issue you with a forklift licence. Simple. Effective. Fast.

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